MIRANDA donkeys

Ignored by the majority, but part of our inheritance, the race of Miranda is the only indigenous from Portugal.

The geographical area – the race’s manor – is the northeast of Portugal (district of Bragança), on Miranda’s plateau, namely the communes of Bragança, Miranda do Douro, Vimioso and Mogadouro.

It is estimated that the development of the race in this region results from favourable environmental and isolation conditions, maintained by geographic and agricultural characteristics of the soil and socio-economic standards in the zone.

They are intelligent animals, astute, patient, sober, hard workers, very curious and especially loyal towards those that look after them properly. Recognising easily their master, in particular at meals time, express their displeasure to delays.

They keep a very good relation with children.

Nowadays exist in Portugal about 800 reproductive females, aged 20 years in average, but their masters average age is 72, being a race in great danger of extinction.

Zootechnical charecteristics:

Corpulent and rustic;

Average height cut with the withers no less than 1,20 m in adult animals (recommended 1,35 m);

Dark brown hair, more clearly on the coasts and under the belly, white over the mouth and around the eyes;

Long hair, especially on the coasts, forehead, edge of the ears and extremity of members;

Abundant horsehairs and no signals;

Broad forehead;

Small eyes, with very projecting orbital arcades;

Large and strong lips;

Large ears, broad at the base, points round and directed forwards ;

Short and large neck;

Unobtrusive withers, back short, right and quite muscular, pectoral full and projecting sternum, croup a little higher than the withers and shoulders right;

Bulky belly;

Powerful members and broad articulations;

Flexible temperament;

Great width of walk but slow, not very nimble.




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